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Our Adoptable Rabbits

Adoption Inquiry Application

Please complete the Adoption Inquiry Applicatoin to begin the adoption process. Clicking on the link below will download the Application to your computer. Fill in the form and save it on your computer. Return your completed form via e-mail to adoptions@rabbitrr.org. We will contact you to discuss your needs and set up an appointment.

Download Adoption Application Inquiry

Adoption Requirements

Our adoption contract requires that in the event that you ever decide you can not keep your rabbit, you will return him or her to us. We have this requirement because we want to meet and approve anyone who adopts our rabbits. All you need to do is let us know that you can not keep your rabbit and we'll make arrangements for you to bring him back to the rescue center.

The Second Rabbit

Rabbits do very, very well in pairs. They need the interactions and comfort they derive from another rabbit. It’s not much more work for you; they will share a pen, litter and food. Rabbits are very social and derive a lot of comfort from a companion. Furthermore, they are unbelievably cute together. They’ll cuddle with and groom one another. When you are away from home or your rabbits are in their pen, you’ll know that they have companionship.

Learn more about having a second rabbit.